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Salary and allowances

As a trainee on-call firefighter on the Retained Duty System (RDS) you will initially be placed on the trainee rate of pay.

Upon completion of your training course your pay will increase to the development rate until you have completed your development phase and are deemed competent. You will then be paid at the appropriate competent rate of pay.
The retaining fee is for staff offering full cover. Part cover staff are paid 75% of the full cover retaining fee.


On-call firefighter rates of pay
Retaining fee (£) (annual)
Hourly rate (£)
Attendance fee (£)
Turn out fee (£) Drill night (£)
2,291 10.46 9.25 14.48 20.92
2,386 10.90 9.47 14.92 21.80
3,053 13.94 10.99 17.96 27.88


The retaining fee is divided into 12 monthly payments and paid by direct credit to your bank account or building society account. This is the fee for being ‘on-call’ whilst at home or at work in your primary employment.

The hourly rates above are paid when you are at work for us (Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service), either on a fire call, training course or a drill night, including your initial training. The rates depend upon whether you are a Trainee, in Development or Competent.

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