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Click on the Vacancies tab on the left for On-call Firefighter vacancies (on the Search Criteria, please ensure you have selected All or External on Internal/External and OnCall on Job Type and 50 on Results per page).

You may also call 01392 872294 for more information on these vacancies.


Are you ready to save a life... every day?

Ordinary people in your community are doing extraordinary work - saving lives everyday.

They are in local homes showing people how to prevent fires. they are on standby, ready to respond to fire and other emergencies. They are also likely to have another occupation in your local community - maybe a florist, dentist or self-employed builder. They are retained or 'on-call' firefighters - and you could be one of them.

Retained firefighters are ‘on-call’ ready to respond to incidents when alerted, and also deliver community safety advice. Retained fire fighting is a professional role which can offer a progressive career opportunities. If you have a primary employer, we can help explain the realities and benefits to them.

Could you join your local team?

We need different people from different backgrounds to make the best teams.

To apply, you must:
  • Be able to reach your local fire station from where you live or work in five minutes
  • Have patience, understanding, empathy and enthusiasm
  • Understand and respect the diversity of your community
  • Have a good level of fitness. Click here for the Preparatory Fitness Programme
  • Be ready to take on a challenging role.


We can discuss the level of cover you can offer and you will undergo a number of written and physical assessments. Retained firefighters are paid, trained professional firefighters. No fire fighting experience is necessary to apply. If you are recruited you will be fully trained.

We are working to build a diverse workforce that reflects the community we serve. Did you know that living with a disability isn’t necessarily a barrier to operational fire fighting?

Download Eyesight Standards.

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