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Our Integrated Risk Management Plan tells us about the risks in the communities we look after. Our Fire and Rescue Authority members recently agreed this document. This Plan shows, at a very high level, how we are going to manage that risk.

Our short animation tells you more:

This plan needs to identify the foreseeable risks that could impact on the community, demonstrate how our prevention, protection and response activities will best be used to mitigate the impact of the risk.

Our Plan has identified six elements that will need further consideration in planning our future:
- An increasingly ageing population
- Common health and wellbeing risks
- Availability of on-call appliances
- The historical distribution of service delivery resources – where our fire stations, appliances, staff and equipment are currently located
- An increasing demand for emergency medical response
- An increase in the number of serious fires affecting commercial premises.


Our plan is available here

IRMP consultation results here

Fire & Rescue Plan

The Integrated Risk Management Plan is complemented by our Fire & Rescue Plan, which establishes the challenges faced by us as a Service from those community risks and how we are going to meet them.

There are six strategic themes to our Fire & Rescue Plan, which are:

• Service delivery
• People
• Value for money and use of resources
• Governance
• Collaboration
• Digital transformation

The Fire & Rescue Plan is here

We have produced an interactive version too here

In order to deliver against these priorities we are developing a change and improvement programme which sets out the changes we need to make over the next four years.

Previous Year's Plans

All our previous plans can be found below:

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Corporate Plan 2013/14 - 2014/15

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DSFRS Strategy 'Towards 2014'

Corporate Plan 2011/12 - 2013/14

Corporate Plan 2010/11 - 2012/13

Corporate Plan 2009/10 - 2011/12

Corporate Plan 2008/09 - 2010/11

Corporate Plan 2007/08 - 2009/10

Draft Documents

Consultation is undertaken on any proposals that would change the services delivered to the public. When appropriate, links to any draft documents, and to our consultation pages, can be found below.


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