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Creating Safer Communities - Our Plan 2017 - 2022

Our Plan sets out how we are going to make the people who live, work and visit Devon and Somerset safer whilst reducing costs. All public services have to operate with less money and we are no exception. Significant financial pressures require us to review each and every aspect of our organisation all the while ensuring we keep you safe.

The future of our service needs to reflect both the type of risk we are presented with and the savings we need to make. We also want to improve how we work with our communities to understand how we can provide the best advice, support and response to ensure you live a safer life. This is our Integrated Risk Management Plan.

Our Priorities:

  • public safety
  • staff safety
  • effectiveness and efficiency


You can find a copy of ‘Creating Safer Communities, Our Plan 2017 - 2022’ through this link:


Creating Safer Communities, Our Plan 2017 - 2022

Previous Year's Plans

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Draft Documents

Consultation is undertaken on any proposals that would change the services delivered to the public. When appropriate, links to any draft documents, and to our consultation pages, can be found below.


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