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Mass decontamination

Mass Decontamination Disrobe (MDD) and Rerobe (MDR) Modules

We have mass decontamination modules to allow for disrobing and re-robing of people. They can be used at any incident where the decontamination of large numbers of casualties is required.

The modules each carry approximately 1200 packs stowed within wheeled cages. These packs are in addition to those on our fire engines and Incident Response Units and mean that the numbers required by current planning assumptions can be met.

36 MDD modules and 14 MDR modules are located around the United Kingdom to provide effective coverage to all areas. The modules also carry a complete Firefighter Decontamination Unit, which is stowed, within similar cages. The modules are transported on standard prime movers.

The MDD is stationed at the USAR station at Exeter and the MDR is at Taunton in Somerset.

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