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High Volume Pump (HVP)

The HVP unit has two demountable modules transported on standard Prime Movers. Each module has two sub-units, a hose retrieval system and associated equipment. The sub-units carry either 1km of hose or the Hydrosub.

The Prime Mover is a triple axle MAN chassis with a Hook Lift System. The maximum laden weight of the Prime Mover and Module is 26 tonnes.

A hook arm attached to the prime mover is used to dismount the modules for use. The sub-units are also removable from the main module for placing as required at an incident.

Hose can be deployed utilising the 1Km hose boxes at a maximum speed of 40km/hr (25mph).

Vehicle equipment


The Hydrosub is transported on the main modules, it weighs three tonnes and is placed in position using the prime mover. It consists of the submersible pump unit, 60m Hydraulic Hose Lines, 60m winch cable for pump deployment and recovery, control panel and the Turbo Diesel Engine that drives both the hydraulic and electrical systems.

The submersible pump is a portable centrifugal pump with a high flow impeller and flotation chamber, which is deployed into the water supply. The submersible pump is capable of deployment up to 60m from the Hydrosub. It is used to either supply water to a fireground or to pump out floodwater to a minimum depth of 15cms. It is approximately the size and weight of a light portable pump but is fairly easy to manoeuvre.

It has a maximum pumping capacity of 7000l/min, but has the capability of delivering large volumes of water of great distances utilising additional pumps as boosters in a relay system.

The Hydrosub also has the provision of scene lighting and flashing blue lights to allow it to be placed on roads if required.

The hose recovery system

Each HVP module has a mechanical hose retrieval unit. Driving at a maximum speed of 4km/hr (2.5mph) it assists two personnel located in the hose box to retrieve the hose, which is flaked back into the hose box ready for redeployment.

Ancillary equipment

The HVP module carries a variety of ancillary equipment including, hose adaptors, 5-way manifolds, Y-pieces, gate valves, non-return valves, water safety equipment, harnesses & lanyards, hose ramps, change of direction equipment, edge protection, sack trolley and lighting, cones and tape.

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